Safety Regulations



 Electro Tool


Caution when working with electricity!

The insulated screwdriver Electro Tool conforms to regulation IEC 60 900 applying to insulated tools
for working with voltages up to 1000AC / 1500DC. At the same
time, it should not be used on any
implement that is electrified.



ESD Screw Driver


ESD tools are not insulated and therefore cannot be used for electrical work. They are easily iden-
tified, compared to the normal PB Swiss Tools electrical screw dri
vers,as they havea rotating black
cap and yellow inscription. They can´t be used
when electricity is present!



 Solenoid Voltmeter


Hold the screw driver end on the source of current and at the same time, the gripend between the
fingers. Make sure that earthing is possible! The small light in
side the grip lights-up when a current
is present. Before using, check to see that
the solenoid voltmeter is functioning properly. It should
not be used when it could
be affected by lightning, dew or rain. It should be in a dry state when being
used. I
ts sole function is for checking voltage and not for any other form of work on implements that
are electrified. Pay close attention at all times to personel safety
while working.